Speaking at O’Reilly OSCON : ASPNET 5, Visual Studio Code, and DNX Part 2



In my previous blog , I wrote about the new ASP.NET5.  Before we get started on setting up our development environment and deploying our ASP.NET5 projects to the cloud  it is important to understand  how  .Net is able to run on  OS X and Linux.

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Speaking at O’Reilly OSCON : ASPNET 5, Visual Studio Code, and DNX Part 1


I am  really excited to be speaking at OSCON in Portland ! In my talk  ASP.NET5 isn’t just Enterprise”/ “Legacy What ?”   I will be discussing  and demoing the new ASP.NET 5(formerly vNext).  By the end of the talk my hope is, the audience will have an understand of  Microsoft OSS story with  ASP.NET ,  Visual Studio Code, Sublime, and DNX.  In this post I am going go over in more detail the what ASPNET5 is ,  What DNX  is, and How to get a project up and running  in Visual Studio Code  and Sublime on a  Mac and PC.

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Deploy your ASP.Net vNext Project on a Mac! Flash

Before you read this post, I assume you have read getting started with a vNext project on a Mac.

ASP.Net vNext has been designed to be cloud ready. So, regardless of whether you are on Mac/linux/PC or using sublime or  Visual Studio 2015  deploying a website with Github is going to be the same workflow.

Deploying ASP.Net  vNext Project using GitHub

The first thing we want to do is hook-up your vNext Project from Github to Azure using Kudu (if you don’t have repository fork mine). This allows for continuous deployment from your Github repo to Azure.  Kudu is the engine that can run within and  outside of  azure that allows for git/hg deployments, WebJobs, and various other features in Azure Web Sites. Kudu does this by  generating deployment scripts under the hood and, deploy a website when pushing changes to a Github repo.

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Getting Asp.Net vNext running on a Mac! Shazam

Shazam! Asp.Net vNext on a Mac!

ASP.Net  is making a huge comeback! With the  ASP.Net vNext the open source version of the .Net series, has opened up it’s  framework to an entirely new web developer community .  The cool thing about this lean framework is you can get use ASP.NET on the comfort of your Mac. In this tutorial , I will be going through  the tools and frameworks you need to get  ASP.NET vNext running on OS X Yosemite.

This post has been updated to reflect the changes made from vNext Alpha to Beta

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Building a Game as a non-gamer

The last game I played was Super Mario Kart on Nintendo 64 in the 90 s.  So when I decided to build a 3D game using Unity the thought was daunting.  And to tell you the truth I had a silent case  of the imposter syndrome .  Could I build a game?Are the samples and information I am sharing good enough ? Will I get this done in time?

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Nokia DVLUP Day is here ! BYOL


So you registered for Nokia DVLUP! This is just a friendly reminder of the things that will help you make the most out of the day.

Bring Your Own Laptop(#BYOL)

Remember to bring your laptop running Windows 8, and your power cord along with any accessories you need to work.

Download and Install Visual Studio

Download the Windows Phone SDK

Sign up for an Azure Account for the Cloud Session

Download Unity for the Unity Sessions