Speaking at O’Reilly OSCON : ASPNET 5, Visual Studio Code, and DNX Part 1

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I am  really excited to be speaking at OSCON in Portland ! In my talk  ASP.NET5 isn’t just Enterprise”/ “Legacy What ?”   I will be discussing  and demoing the new ASP.NET 5(formerly vNext).  By the end of the talk my hope is, the audience will have an understand of  Microsoft OSS story with  ASP.NET ,  Visual Studio Code, Sublime, and DNX.  In this post I am going go over in more detail the what ASPNET5 is ,  What DNX  is, and How to get a project up and running  in Visual Studio Code  and Sublime on a  Mac and PC.

What is ASP.NET5 ?

ASP.NET5 is a new open source and cross platform framework for building cloud-ready web apps using .Net .  So, what does this mean exactly ?   New: Since ASP.NET has been around for the past 15 years or so , when  you hear  the word new to describe vNext (5),  it is fair to ask how?  In this version  the .Net team has rewritten everything from  .NetCore  going up; to provide an optimized development framework for apps that are either deployed to the cloud or run on-premise.  Open Source :  Everything  is available on GitHub .   The entire ASP.NET 5  stack has been completely been built in the  open, you contribute, file bugs,  and talk to the software engineers  who are working on the project .

Cross platform:  You can develop and run your application on Windows,  Mac , and Linux. Cloud-ready:  ASP.NET5  it has been built for applications  running on the cloud and servers.  This is achieved  with the introduction of environment based  configurations and by providing  built-in dependency injection support.

Why ASP.NET5 ?


As Evangelist I work  a variety of developers ranging from students and startups to enterprise developers.   The general question I get when I do give talks on ASP.NET 5  is WHY?    Here are  some of my favorites for a complete list please click here.

  • Works Everywhere :  ASP.NET 5 is cross platform and works on multiple operating systems and IDES. Check out this post for more details.
  • Something Familiar : ASP.NET 5 is  seamlessly compatible with a  with a variety of client-side frameworks, like AngularJS, KnockoutJS and Bootstrap.  For a lot of modern developers these are tools that they use on a daily basis.
  • Be part of a community:  ASP.NET 5 is open source and encourages contribution and engagement  on Github.

ASP.NET  vNext to ASP.NET 5 cheat sheet

Below is a quick cheat to get you from K commands to D commands.

KRE DNX Runtime
KVM DNVM Version Manager
DNU KPM Package Manager

Visual Studio Code Part 2

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