Fearless Inventor : Industry Isolation & Women of Color in Tech

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Meet Catt, Christina & Saron !

In this  episode  I talk to Catt Small,  Christina Morillo, and Saron Yitbarek on their thoughts on industry isolation.  To understand more on industry isolation check out my previous blog post.


Catt Small is a game developer,  UX designer, teacher,speaker, and currently a Product Designer at SoundCloud. Catt is also the founder Tech Under 20 and co-founder Code LiberationCatt’s games are addictive ! Play them.


Christina Morillo is passionate about encouraging women and young girls to engage in technology, and connecting with people. A highly experienced IT Security professional you can always find her leading the way you young girls in tech.


Saron Yitbarek currently working at Microsoft(yippee we are both Microsofties <3) where she is a PM for the Tech Jobs Academy. Saron is also the  founder of CodeNewbie, a supportive community of programmers and people learning to code.

Chat Highlights

What does Industry Isolation mean to you ?

No spoilers here :) . Listen to the show

Being Seen 

….. be strategic and create  organic networks ….  is one of the most things to get yourself to the next level


Industry  Cheerleaders :   Finding your advocates.

Find people you  can have positive work relationship with….. finding people who can support you and you can support them


Community :  Support & Success

“I  spent 12 hours a day teaching myself  how to code…..  and it was so lonely ….  that’s  why I started CodeNewbie ”



Advocate for yourself sooner …@Cattsmall

Don’t be afraid to do things… @divinetechygirl

Ask for money sooner …@saronyitbarek

Everyone should know what you are doing…  @ladynaggaga

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