Re-provisioning a MySQL Database for an existing Azure WordPress Site

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 If you have ever  unfortunately deleted  the ClearDB to your Word Press  Azure Site you  the next time you navigate to your blog, you will be greeted by the  HTTP 500 error.  As an  avid  blogger or small business owner this can bring  a huge amount of stress ! This post is going to show you how to get your blog up and running in  using a few simple tools  and contacting the  write  people.

Horror  horror show can  be due to a  series of unfortunate events.  This happened to me twice over  the past couple of weeks, I  am going to show you how  I fixed  this  error in two different scenarios.

 Scenario 1:  Deleting  your Word Press ClearDB Database

Accidentally deleting your sites back-end could happen is probably one of the most common reasons for  this error.   Recently,  I  created  WP site for a Windows Phone 8 application I was building and linked to the current database  I  am  using for this blog.   Long story short I decide to delete the  the new site.  It is important as I have learnt always  make sure that anything you delete isn’t linked to another resource on your site.

Restoring  your database 

They are two ways you can restore you  database  : (1) Through the Azure portal   (2)  Re provisioning a new DB.   Now if your situation is similar to mine , you made an accidental  de-provision call using the Azure portal. If this is the case follow the step by step instructions below to get connect you site back up and running.

Provisioning a New MySQL Database 

  1. Contact   In your email make sure you to include :  your clearDB  ID subscription (same as  your azure login ); and the end point for your current sit  for example if  you site is East US  it would be Wait for response 1 hour
  2. Provisioning an new clearDB.  Once support has located your old DB ,  you will be requested to create a new database at the clearDB Azure store .  Follow the instructions below to  create your new DB .
  • Select Mercury Free

  • Select Primary Region and click next
    Must been in the same location as the site
  • Login using your Azure login details
  • Click on create new database
  • Note down your  DB details  for later

Yeah !  You didn’t you have your backend back.  Now why  you still have the HTTP 500 error?   Do not worry we are almost done now, all you have to reconnect your new database to your existing site.    To learn how to connect an existing blog/site to a new database click here.

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