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Windows Phone 8

I see  apps like this all the time  and ,I might have created a few while in school( all evidence has  since been erased don’t try looking for them).  So, a lot  of the time bad apps are built  because people might  not  have the skills;  no idea where to begin ; or simply don’t have the time. Windows Phone App Studio is a great way for   newbies, prototypers;  app-designed challenged(me);  and other developers to go from  idea to app in  moments.

Google has done this in the past with App Inventor where the app-builder could visually build an android app  that they could submit to the store. Different from App Inventor , with App Studio you can edit  the source code in Visual Studio 2012 and 2013; download the publish package to put in the store ;  and  download the app for testing on Windows Phone 8 device using  the QR code.

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App Studio give  the app-builder the option to create an app using an empty template or using one of the existing theme templates. In this post I am going to walk through how I used the hobby template and customized it  to make it my own.





Getting Started

Full Disclosure : I  did the work described in this blog post on my Mac  Air  with no boot camp,  visual studio or  Windows 8 at this time.  To test a the app I used my  amazing  Nokia 1020.   What you will need during this process is a Windows Phone Developers account.  Remember if you are student you get a Windows Phone and 8 account for free through DreamSpark.

Mac Alright copy

The Idea : Starting with the hobby template,   I created Design Box.   Design Box is a simple app that helps app-builders find  resources  and inspiration to building visually appealing apps.
The app will point an app-builder to resources on:

  • Fonts
  • Design Inspiration
  • Color  Palettes

So, we have our app idea  the next is to build it.


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