Apps for Beginners: Windows Phone AppStudio Part 2

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Windows Phone 8

Build,Test,and Deploy 



a simple App Idea

  1. Sign into AppStudio using your developers Account
  2.  Select  a template.  In this case I have used the Hobby template.
    Note:  To get your app to done you will need to complete the following sections: App Information; Configure App Content;  Configure App Style ; and Generate.
  3. Section 1:  App Information
    • Enter App Information an Description.
    • Change Logo(dimensions 160 by 160 ): If you don’t have  a logo consider using an app  generator  tool like  Icon Maker,  grab images from  open , or  you can use expression design.

    App Info  page. With title , description, and preview

    App Info page. With title , description, and preview

  4. Section 2: Configure App Content
    App-builders use this section to give there app meaning:  what is it all about;  why would I use it ;  and  entering data. Split into two sections Data Sources  and Application Sections,  the app-builder will use this section to  define  and arrange data.


    Data Sources and Application sections

             Data Sources Breakdown

    • AboutDataSource- Use the HTML editor to add  app information,
    • Favorites Collection- This collection can either be : static resources where all data is linked locally to your app; or app studio data services where data is available remotely and can be generating the applications all over again. By simply adding   and creating items with your own data , you can easily  make this template your own.  You can also  import data  into your favorite collection from a CSV file.
    • Gallery Collection-  This collection is updated and edited  just like favorites collection.  What makes this collection really interesting is that is comes with the Text-to-Speech api .  To activate the text to speech api, just make sure to update the title field when adding your data.
    • News Data Source:  Insert a rss feed  of your choice to create a news feed.

      Application Sections

      Use this section to edit, preview and delete sections. By editing the sections you can the sections meaningful names;  bind the data to more meaningful contexts in your app; and add additional pages  to sections if  needed.

  5. Section 3: Configure App Style
    Now, you can really get creative. The selections of  different backgrounds , tiles and splash and lock screens, you can really make your app  your own.


    Add color to give your app swag

    Nice tiles get you downloaded

    Nice tiles get you downloaded

    Don't forget Splash and lock screen

    Don’t forget Splash and lock screen

  6. Section 4 : Generate
    This is the simplest part just click Generate watch the gears turn and there  you  have it  you app is ready to test by simply taking a picture or  publish to the store.
    Try it.jpeg copy


If you have a Windows Phone you can download the app using the QR code provided and start using it on your phone.

Final App  Results 


Splash Screen Before


Splash Screen After

Favorites before

Favorites before

Favorites became font

Favorites became font

gallery before

gallery before

gallery after

gallery after

news before

news before

news became Color palettes

news became Color palettes


Once you have tested your app and are happy with it ,  it’s time to put you first of many apps into the store.

  1. Login back into App Studio  and access your dashboard. 
  2. Select your app
  3. Click download publish package and save to PC

Getting your app into a Windows Phone  Store

Since this your first time building an app you might want to  read this article  before you continue.

  1.  Create App Info: What’s the name of your app? Which category does your app belong in? How much do you want your app to cost? After you fill in the blanks for these and other questions, you’ll be ready to upload.
  2. Upload publish package (XAP file): Upload the necessary XAP files for your app, fill in the relevant details (language, description, images, etc.), and submit.

Untitled3For more  information on how to build apps in hours  visit the amazing James Quick blog post  and don’t forget to follow him on twitter  @jquickwit.



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