Student: How to set a Free Windows Store Account

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Windows Phone 8 / Worskhops and WebCast


One of the best things about working with  Students is I get to give them all the resources they need for free!    That is always a treat .   Through DreamSparks  students have the ability to build all tools they need for free.

Accessing your  Free Windows Store Account

  1.  Set up a live account by going to   If you have one skip this step an move the next. 
  2. Access and click on student.
  3. Create a new  DreamSpark account.  If you have one already sign into your account using your Windows live account.
  4. Click on app development
    With DreamSpark, students have options to develop and publish on multiple platforms.
  5. Click on Windows 8 learn more

Setting Up

Once you have clicked on step 5 (above),  you  will see  the image below.

 If you haven’t already make sure to download  Visual Studio Professional or  Ultimate using your DreamSpark account as well.  Why get the express version when you can get the pro version for free. 


Getting Started with Windows 8 development

Grab your Free Windows Store Account

  1. To Grab your free Windows Store Account scroll down to step 3  under “Steps to building your app“.  To get a free Windows Store Account you need to: 1) Verify you a student. 2) Get a registration code. 3) Register  for a Windows Store
  2.  Click on Verify now
  3. As a student you can be verified by school , ISIC card or a Verification code. In this case we are going to be verified by school.
  4. Enter your school name,
  5. Enter your school email address and wait for the activation email response;  read and follow instructions.
  6. Once you have completed the instructions in the email  you will receive this
  7. Click  continue
  8. Click Get code Now.  Copy and save this code for later .
  9. Scroll down to Windows Store (point 3) and click on Go to Windows Store.
  10. Log in with your  live account / Microsoft account.sign in
  11. You will be prompted  to receive a text or  email  to protect your sensitive information .
  12. Enter your secret code

Setup your account 

  1. Pick  an individual account
  2. Fill in account info
  3. Read the agreement; accept terms and conditions;  and click Next.
  4. It’s time to use  the registration code .  Click update total .
  5. Fill in your credit card details.  Note that you will not be charged the registration  fee since you used  your DreamSpark registration code.
  6. Your purchase amount is now zero!!!! :)
  7. Click get started and continue.  If you want to setup a payout account for paid apps read this and jump to slide 9.


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