App Studio: I look a little Different

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Phone / Windows Phone 8

A couple of months ago  I did a post on building an app using App Studio.  App Studio lets you swiftly build apps for inmediate publishing, testing, and sharing with clients, co-workers, friends, and family. Since then Windows Phone has been hard at work  making some  changes.  In an updated tutorial to the one I did in September 2013, I am going to be going  to building a new app and going over some of the new features.  Before you get  started on the tutorial, it is worth having a look at the How  To guide  and sample apps  on  App Studio main page.  The How To Guide will go over the following topics

  • Empty Apps vs  Templates
  • What is a Data Source?
  • What are the different types of  data sources ? RSS, YouTube, Flickr,  Bing,  HTML, and Collections.
  • What can I do with a  collection ?
  • Static Resources Vs App Studio Data Services.
  • What  is an application section ?
  • Panorama Control.  Tips to understanding Panorama control
  • What does Bind to Data mean ?
  • What does “Add An Action” mean?
  • What are the different Actions?
  • Configuring Application Sections
  • What are Style Tiles and Splash?
  • Getting the app done
  • How of I get my app  on my  device ?
  • How do I publish my app?
  • Multilingual support
  • How do I enable ads on my app?

Aaaah!  I have so  much to learn.  Yes, the list might  seem long but, it is amazing  how many core principals of app development  you learn.  App Studio is a great visual editor that provides new/hobby developers simple app development  fundamentals like data-binding, controls, apis , side loading/testing and monetization. It is surprising how much this tool can teach you in an 1 hour or so.  Hopefully this will spark you interests to the next levels.

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