Publishing Vids: an App Studio Phone App

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We are in the home stretch only a couple of moments away from releasing an app.  All you need is to make a couple  edits to get  your application ready for  the  public.


Publishing An App in App Studio

  • App Title: give you app an App name.
  • App Description: Make your app  description precise and catchy !   We want people to download your amazing work.
  • Include about Page:  The about page will include the description, license terms , and allow you to share the app.
  • Enable ad client in the source code. PLEASE NOTE:  we will not be using this at this stage of  tutorial .  In order to enable advertisements in your Windows Phone application, you need to do the following:
    • Install the tools – Install Visual Studio, and install the latest version of the Windows Phone SDK
    • Obtain an AdUnitId and ApplicationId keys – Register your app at the Pubcenter site with your Microsoft Account, create a Windows Phone 8 app (ApplicationId), and create an AdUnitID
    • Update the App Studio code
      • Download the App Studio source code for the application by clicking “Download Source Code” after you’ve generated your app.
      • Open the XAML code and find the AdControl in each View XAML file.
      • Replace the AdUnitID and ApplicationID in the code

Still With me

If you  the last bit confused you a little don’t worry about  it.  I will be going over the backend of an App Studio app in a later  post.   Let’s get back to business.

  • Click finish

Build App your App


Once you hit the generate  the tool will provide you with the following  app packages :

  • Download package: An immediately installable package that you can load onto your phone
  • Publish package: A publish package (XAP File) that you can take to Windows Phone Store to publish
  • Source code package: The complete source code that you can edit in Visual Studio

Using the Download Package

  • Once the app is generated you will receive an email
  • Install the certificate we send you in the email
  •  Scan the  QRcode to install your app
  •  Remember you have to install the certificate we sent you via email

The download package is a great way to test an app to fully test your application with  a small user group(your family and friends) before you  submit to the store.

Let’s Submit to the store (tutorial coming soon)

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